Scuola per parrucchieri

Hairdressing school, choose the right one.

You have to choose a  school for hairdressers  and you do not know how to unravel among the many locations scattered around Italy?
Before making your choice, would you like to have some clarification on the technical characteristics that must have a good school and that is in step with the times?
On this page I hope to fill all your doubts about choosing the best school for you.
Below I am writing you some key rules on  how to choose a good hairdressing school  based on different needs, tastes and budgets.
Follow them carefully and you will avoid choosing schools that are obsolete or not very convenient but above all unprofessional.
Before getting to the heart of the matter, you have to make some basic choices: first those relating to your  budget.
How much do you want or can you really invest?
Once you have established your  budget  you have to understand well what the times of attendance and therefore the commitment and the burden that you take in attending a particular school or academy.
Still, to date, in Italy there are not so many  schools for hairdressers  that are really  professional  and have the desire or the will to really teach you something.
Surely compared to a few decades ago ‘maybe yes, with some reservations on  professionalism .
The reasons are basically two: the first and that are not always managed by competent people and the second is that they are afraid to give too much information and then, why are they called  schools?
Before carrying out all the indications, it is good to read the  law and regulations  that give you the opportunity to access the required requirements.

Law and regulations

Law n ° 174 – 17 August 2005 (ex DDL2917) On March 29, 2007 the agreement was signed at the State Regions Conference, to which they are following the regional directives applications.
The new discipline will offer new generations of hairdressers a new and modern tool to face the profession with a renewed approach.
The law, in order to promote the creation of qualified professionals, introduces a complete review of the training necessary to obtain professional qualification by defining three possible courses and a final practical theoretical examination.

The law introduces the following innovations: -The unique qualification / qualification of hairdresser

-The sale of cosmetic products inerenti the treatment of the hair

-The possibility for hairdressing companies to make use of subjects not permanently inserted in the company, as long as in possession of professional qualification  PROFESSIONAL ENHANCEMENT HAIRDRESSER   (Not to be confused with the qualification that the employer attributes when hiring a collaborator as an employee: 1 ° – 2nd – 3rd contract level) Source: Chambers of Commerce,   Requirements for hairdressers  to become a hairdresser it is necessary to have one of the following professional requirements:

  1. two years of work as a 3rd level employee in a company in the sector  or
    having completed an apprenticeship period + a job as a 3rd level employee. The total work period must be 3 years (apprenticeship + work as 3rd level employee)
  2. two years of  work  as an auxiliary family member or as a partner in an artisan company 
  3. regional school diploma  .

What documents to present in order to obtain certification:  If the professional requirements for becoming hairdressers fall within one of the first two points, the following documents must be presented:

  • Copy (more original in vision) of the workbook or CUD Models   to prove the duration of the working period
  • Copy (more original in vision) of the pay slips or declaration (on headed paper) issued by the employer, to prove the level of classification (including the transition from apprentice to qualified worker) and the tasks performed with reference to the activity of hairdresser .

If the professional requirements for becoming a hairdresser come under point 3, then the following documents must be presented:

  • Copy of the diploma, more original in vision

Unexpected events in hairdressing courses

Why did I mention to you what is the procedure in terms of  laws  and  requisites to  become a hairdresser?

You must know that to undertake this job today (like any other trade), you must first of all be very motivated, and be sure that this  job  is the job for you.

Do you think this is the  job  you want to keep doing for at least half your life?

Then armed with patience, will, passion and lots and lots of love.

Being a hairdresser  does not mean receiving a  diploma  or taking a  qualification , indeed almost always those who finish a training course in classic  schools  find themselves having to deal with a different reality that does not hit anything with the  school for hairdressers,  so it desists ..

This is why it is essential to choose a good  school.

In the last  10 years  ,  hairdressing schools  in Italy have grown like mushrooms, this not only because of a strong request from the user but especially for the trafila of which I spoke to you before.

With the excuse that to get a  qualification  you have to  attend  a  school for at least three years,   the nothing doing have thought about opening  schools for hairdressers  to the right and left, taking funding from the region and giving bad training in exchange.

Unfortunately, many of these guys after the bad experience have been forced to desist from becoming  hairdressers.

Prepare to attend a hairdressing school

So how to prepare to attend a  hairdressing school?

But above all how to choose the best one?

There is no   specific rule that one should choose a school for hairdressers rather than another, but there is  information  and  word of mouth.

On average in Italy there is a school for hairdressers in every city. In large cities such as  Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo  there is an extermination.

But the opposite is also true because there are many uncovered areas, ie areas where  schools for hairdressers  are completely absent.

In fact, many people renounce this passion because in their city or country there are no academies for hairdressers and the costs to move from one city to another become burdensome in every sense.

A fundamental thing before enrolling in a  school for hairdressers  is to do a good research in terms of credibility.

How do I choose a good school?

Now I will describe some highlights to choose a good  school.

  • Age between 14 and 18 years: Training course authorized by the Veneto Region for the fulfillment of the training obligation. The course lasts three years and is free;
  • from 18 years onwards: Training course authorized by the Veneto Region. The course lasts two years (1900 hours) and is subject to charges.
  • How long is the school open (if it has a history it has more credibility). Many schools open and after 6 months are forced to close because they do not have students
  • Who are the teachers and what experience they have
  • It is a free school funded by the Region or is private.
  • Both in the one and in the second case there are pros and cons.
  • Often in schools recognized and funded by the Region are free, so you are ahead of an investment advantage but at a disadvantage in terms of quality, as users who access it are not so motivated or selected and have less interest in learning because they do not pay (but this is not a rule).
  • There are also recognized but not funded schools and so you have to pay.
  • Unrecognized (private) schools have the advantage that they create faster and more effective and less time-consuming training courses.
  • The recognized schools often have a more extensive program as they are obliged to cover a three-year training course with a total of minimum attendance hours in order to be certified.
  • In the recognized schools the days of attendance become equal to the days of traditional school or 5 days a week.
  • The private school gives the opportunity to enter already in the world of work also as an apprentice, having the opportunity to work and attend on Sunday and Monday.


The best advice I can give you is to do a thorough research before enrolling, look on the internet, find information or opinions of more people who have already attended or who attend the same school.

Look for reviews, reviews are essential because you can get an idea of ​​the quality and credibility of a hairdressing school.

Go to the website of your  region  and check well what are the requirements, even if the legislation is at the national level you have to take into account that we are in Italy so, everyone says his even if the law is only one.

Our courses for hairdressers  was the first  site  in  Italy  in  Europe  and the rest of the  world  to create training for online hairdressers.

Although there are  schools for hairdressers  to attend physically, both private and regional, there is also a large chunk of  users  who choose to form themselves in an  autonomous  and  cheaper,  as more and more often happens.

And here comes the web, which has its importance, because more and more professionals do not choose the  network  as a source of  inspiration  and  training.

In fact, even on the  Internet  there are many   virtual schools that offer training at low costs and with the possibility of training at home.

And here we enter the field with our  video training .  In a very attentive and careful way we have started to create video  courses online  in digital format, with the utmost professionalism and competence in the field.

Creating  online  training is a very complicated and challenging thing and it is not enough to be just good professionals and / or hairdressers.

Here,  communication  plays a fundamental role because being able to communicate and  teach through a  video  becomes a difficult and serious undertaking, but not impossible, at least for us. 🙂

The importance of hair cutting courses

Choose specific courses  haircut  is of large interest, and that’s why  professionals  and not moving on the web looking for  courses  to  upgrade  online.

Our  site  is a  leader  in this field, for the way we do training, for everyone, without fear of giving too much information and affordable for anyone who wants to learn this trade.

Why do we do it? Because there are  users  who request it and because we do it well, people are  satisfied  and we are happy.

Here you can find a complete and constantly evolving training path.

This site was born to give the  opportunity  to people who love this job to train in a serious and conscious, spending little and having a lot in return.

Over the years, we realized that more and more  professionals  required our courses and more and more schools have tried to copy and plagiarci, of these different have had to do with our lawyers.

Our  video courses  are certified with the SIAE trademark   and are protected by  copyright  and  our  trademark  is registered.

Before choosing an  online course, make  sure you first see the contents that somehow qualify the  quality  of the course.

Check the social media, check the reviews, ascertain the  veracity  of the contents.

We have more than 5000 subscribers on our  Youtube channel  and over 50  original  video tutorials published.

If you have a passion for this job, start here!

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