Reverse Balayage: what is it?

This season, as far as all the trends of hair are primarily the Baleyage  reverse.

The reverse sweeping is one of the biggest trends in hair of 2018 . It is dedicated to blond and brown hair.

It is nothing but balayage to the contrary, that is the base of light hair and dark hair tips . Basically we should ask the hairdresser to do the opposite of what he has done until now.

The roots are cleared, and the lengths are left on the brown . But to perform this technique you need to have a base blonde of hair.

The advantage of this dark color on the lengths gives a less ruined and dry appearance on the tips .

Who invented it?

The Reverse Balayage was invented by hairstylist Deryn Daniels , of the Chrome Salon salon in Evergreen, Colorado. The nuances that she created start from a golden blonde and turn into a chocolate brown on the ends. And as you say: “In a world of blonde balayage, you do the opposite”.

Reverse Bayalage: how is it achieved?

As you remember from the previous article , the classic balayage is a natural lightening as if you were kissed by the sun, it is done in dividing the hair into various star-shaped strands.

Instead the Reverse Balayage (balayage on the contrary) is more difficult to perform. Meanwhile sweeping the contrary you can create it on long hair or medium, even better if they moved, and who owns hair blonde natural or light brown.

The color gradient is to blend the colors and add the saturated color at the ends and then blend them together, from the bottom to the top. To give the hair a more nuanced appearance, just use a repairing balm afterwards , so that the dark color is thick with blond.

On dark hair you must proceed with the clearing of the roots of the hair, and then with retouching of the base every 4 weeks, not to be found with 3 colors.

The Reverse Balayage could also be done with colors close together. For those who have a dark base, first of all we must proceed with obtaining a “tone on tone” result . On the basis of the brown Balayage al Contrario is so …

Errors to avoid

Since this technique requires familiarity and attention , never use the do-it-yourself technique. Rely on an expert hairstylist , he can guarantee the enhancement of this technique , through the soft waves, giving movement to the hair and highlighting the reflections of color.

Important to choose the right color tone that fits with the color of the skin , the color of the eyes, the shape of the face.

So what do you think about it? Do you like the Reverse Bayalage that is popular on Instagram, and is it the new spring-summer 2018 trend ?

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