I know many ways to say Shatush

The shatush is an innovative technique of bleaching, now in vogue for several years. 

It provides for the lightening of the hair from root to ends . In recent years, this technique has had a sudden surge of success , thanks to the many stars of Hollywood who have changed Their look thanks to this method .

From J dries Alba to Jennifer Lopez Many were the stars of the red carpet that made it use.

The shatush was invented by an Italian, Aldo Coppola in 2001 but has not enjoyed enormous popularity, if not in the last ten years.

Difference between shatush and balayage

The shatush  is an excellent alternative to the meches .

Otherwise the shatush gives a natural touch especially to the tips . An essential factor, However, is the cotonatura : to give a natural effect to the shatush it is Necessary That the hair be well cottoned , so as to increase to the natural effect of lightening.

The shatush: how to choose the destination color

The real problem of who approaches for the first time to this technique is the choice of the destination color : the shatush is commonly thought not to be suitable for blondes.

In reality, in the case of very light hair , this technique could be ideal for enhancing the natural reflections of the hair .

However, to avoid mistakes in the choice of color , we must always think that it must be as close as possible to the color that the hair takes in the sun, in summer.

Go ahead and then to color copper for brunettes , the honey for dark blondes and ashes for light blondes.

DIY Shatush: how to do it?

The shatush do it yourself is possible, there are special products , but you have to be careful with the shutter speed, because if you leave too much the hair becomes too light , risking to give an “artificial” effect .

You then have to go to the application on the top of the head , leaving the product in place a shorter time, usually around ten minutes, to ensure that an intermediate shade is obtained between roots and points and the gap is not too sharp.

But you must be careful of the products you buy: keep in mind that this is always a bleaching technique and as such is extremely aggressive on the hair .

Always choose certified, safe and not very effective bleaching agents and reduce laying time to a minimum to prevent hair from being worn out or dry.

Cost of a shatush

A shatush has additional high costs, around 80/100 euros , but they justify the use because they often solve the problem of regrowth and have a duration of about a month, a month and a half .

The shatush is not a technique that can be used frequently , at least every 45 days ie is not a true and proper hue, since it does not give the possibility to choose a color on the root, but enhances the natural reflexes of the tips.

It is therefore a technique that therefore increases the naturalness of the final effect, without however weighing down the hair.


The shatush has in a few years revolutionized the dye market, allowing you to get an effect naturally without damaging the roots.

It is important, However, to remember to keep the effect below the ears , So THAT the aesthetic impact gives volume and lightness.

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