Taglio Uomo Mondiali Russia 2018

Cut man worldwide Russia 2018.

Look Russia World Cup 2018 , how not to say that World Cup is always a wonderful opportunity for all football fans who, in addition to watching the performances of the protagonists, observe hair cut , sweaters, colors and gestures. The football is always a stage of human deeds. What are the most interesting and appealing looks of the 2018 World Championships? Let’s see them together.

Tufts, platinum blonde and sober look

Neymar calls his personal hairdresser to get a particular look , which recalls a Nirvana Blond and a very eclectic tuft . Certainly stands out a lot and immediately becomes one of the stars of the World of Russia 2018. Even the goalkeeper of Korea, ChoHyun-Woo , she performs in a look very modern, reminiscent of the 50s for its particularity.

Even Nagatomo,   with her platinum blonde look, amazes the audience , even if the color is the particular one, almost tending towards orange. His  followers on social networks are ecstatic.

There are also several sober players , such as Pogba , which shows a much simpler and shaved look. Cristiano Ronaldo , on the other hand, shaves to show a very sober and almost monastic cut , certainly not stands out among the others.

It seems that the World is an event in which to show a particular look , to hit the crowd of fans that follows the event.

Moors and blondes definitely particular

It is striking for more athleticism that Viking football player Rurik Gislason , who collected nearly half a million fans on Instagram , seems to have cornered the deserved title of sex symbol of the World . She wears her long , loose blond hair , like a real Nordic warrior , at best tied up with a chignon or a tail .

For those who prefer the dark, both Andrè Silva and Allison Becker show off a brown cut , with fashionable and important tufts, like any self-respecting charming footballer. There are also those who dares with a strictly 80s cut , which recalls the historical world championships : to show off it is Domagoj Vita, defender of the Croatian national team and Besiktas .

during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group D match between Argentina and Iceland at Spartak Stadium on June 16, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

Afro look

For those who love braids and rasta, thinks the Panama defender Torres and Elneny , which in many respects the old Ruud Gullit . The rasta pigtails are also sported by Michy Batshuay . Even the Belgian Marouane Fellaini , with an AfroAmerican look, amazes the audience, always changing color from platinum , to red , to light brown. Cristiano Ronaldo , on the other hand, undergoes a goatee defined by his “capretta” colleagues , alluding to the very particular work done by his colleagues.


Hair has always been a fetish for men and women: a symbol of strength, talent and perseverance, especially in a sporting performance as important as the 2018 World Cup in Russia . In order to exorcise the anxiety linked to the sport, the players show their particular looks , demonstrating how many possibilities the masculine looks offer , especially in terms of colors , shapes of hair and beard.

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